While the RAV4 is a bit on the small side for a touring vehicle, they’re super lightweight and make great beach buggies. There’s no doubt that their great design and affordable price tag has contributed to their enduring popularity amongst the casual 4WDing crowd who want a vehicle that can go for a spin on the beach of a weekend, but also double as a daily driver throughout the week.
The introduction of the RAV4 back in 1994 in many ways heralded the introduction of the SUV – a category of vehicle that has mushroomed like no other style of vehicle in the two decades since.
OK, so now here are the figures. Over its 20-year history in Australia, local motorists have bought 228,677 RAV4 SUVs. No other vehicle in its highly competitive segment of the SUV market has achieved that level of sales.
Available in more than 150 countries, Toyota’s four generations of RAV4 have sold more than five million vehicles globally.
Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the RAV4, aimed at mostly urban buyers, was at the forefront of the global surge in SUV sales.
“A truly pioneering car, RAV4 set the trend for crossover vehicles that combine the driving comfort of passenger cars with all-wheel-drive capability and versatile bodies.”