Vic Wildman has been taking 4WD tag-along tours to Australia’s wildest and most remote locations for years, and has a reputation for taking the stress out of such mammoth trips.
This May, Vic will be leading a tour across the infamous Madigan Line in the Simpson Desert. This is not a place for the ill prepared or for novice 4WDers, but with the guidance and experience that Great Divide Tours can offer, this incredible desert crossing is now within reach of enthusiasts.
Vic started leading tours into Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory in 2010, and even after five successful trips into the wilds of both West and East Arnhem Land, he reckons the Madigan Line trip is the best of his catalogue of locations.
A bit of background on Vic: over the years he’s forged great relationships and mutual respect with the local communities, so much so that his tour groups are able to access locations that few others get the opportunity to experience.  
“It’s all about creating life long memories,” says Vic.  
While the Madigan Trip promises to be a bona fide once in a lifetime deal, if spaces happen to be snapped up before you get the chance to enlist, there are plenty more destinations in Vic’s crosshairs throughout 2015.
His catalogue of locales features everything from sunsets over the Arafura Sea, to (not too) close encounters with crocodiles, pristine beach driving, mixing with the local families, the buffalo or just the fact that you will get to see country that 99.9% of the population never will, the Arnhem Land tours offered by Great Divide Tours are second to none.
For more information on the Madigan Line trip, and all the other destinations Great Divide Tours offer, get a wriggle-on over to www.4wd.net.au