At the end of last year, communications heavyweight GME dropped two new fantastic, feature-packed UHF radios on the market that have already proven popular with 4WDers around the country.
The TX665 and TX675 are both compact and lightweight portable UHFs which offer high range coverage with a choice of one or two watt performance and an impressive 10km range.
Staying true to GME’s core values, both new models are guaranteed to perform flawlessly in real world conditions. Both new models feature intelligent software and hardware design, meaning that talk time is maximised, and downtime is minimised. GME have backed both of these fantastic new products with two-year warranties, which should offer prospective buyers plenty of peace of mind.
Both new radios are provided with rechargeable, high performance lithium batteries that are capable of offering up to 14 hours of operation. Additionally, both radios offer GME’s new USB multi-charge function, which allow direct charging via the USB power supply in as little as four hours. Charging is also possible via the twin desktop charger and the 12V vehicle charger, both of which are included with each radio.
The ability to customise your radio is now possible, with a choice of interchangeable coloured fascias available exclusively for the TX665. The unit comes standard with a vibrant lime green coloured front cover, and there is an optional three pack of pink, yellow and grey covers available.