If you dread the thought of being stranded outside of mobile phone range, then SatPhone Shop has the answer you’re looking for.  The new Iridium GO! is a compact, rugged and portable device that creates a reliable global connection for voice and data communications on multiple personal devices. This means you can now connect your smartphone or tablet to the Iridium satellite network for voice calls, texting, emailing, social networking, GPS tracking and SOS alerts.  
The Iridium GO! is built to support up to five connected devices over a local Wi-Fi network transmitting from the device to your smartphone with a coverage radius of 30 metres. This is the ideal gadget for the adventurous traveller who requires communication outside of cellular coverage.  
SatPhone Shop has managed to keep the price of the Iridium GO! device down to just $1195 including GST.  SatPhone Shop also
offer pre-paid bundles with the GO!, including 400 minutes with seven months access for $1595 OR 1000 minutes with 13 months access from $1895.