ARB LED headlamp

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a high-quality headlamp is one of the most useful bits of kit you’re likely to invest in. There are a plethora of cheap units available on the market these days, but anyone who’s been caught in a sticky situation on the tracks without a decent light will tell you never to skimp when it comes to purchasing a quality headlamp.
ARB’s high-intensity, 5W, 6500K Cree LED headlamp is equipped with multiple lighting modes, delivers a maximum 300-lumen output and features a maximum runtime of up to seven hours.
This rugged lamp is protected by an anodized aluminium body and focusing lens, which allows the beam to be focused from wide to narrow and tilted to suit any situation.
Weighing in at just 162 grams, this surprisingly lightweight lamp gets full points for practicality, durability and functionality. Three AAA batteries are included in the package for your convenience.