The new FBDS45 Fridge Barrier has been designed to suit the new MSA 4x4 DS45 Drop Slide and Straight Slides but it will also suit most generic fridge slides. MSA’s new fridge barrier allows you to store your accessories safely and securely around your fridge, while protecting it from any loose gear that may move around while driving. It also enables you to easily access your fridge, eliminating any need to unpack the vehicle to access your fridge.
The FBDS45 fridge barrier is supplied flat packed, and is easy to assemble, install and remove, just in case you want to move it to another vehicle. This product is available in 16 different sizes to suit a very wide variety of fridges, and can also be used to protect generators and toolboxes. It’s built from satin black powder-coated steel panels and comes with stainless steel bolts as well as four mounted mesh side-pockets to store small items.