GME recently introduced the new TX3120S, the smallest and most advanced UHF radio they have ever produced. This simple and stylish 5 watt UHF radio features the widest LCD in its class with a clear 170° viewing angle and dual rotary controls to improve ease of use and safety when in vehicle.
The TX3120S maximises space on the front of the radio by cleverly directing the speaker microphone cable to the side of the unit to enable the rear connection. The unit includes a new dynamic speaker microphone, engineered for comfort, ease of use and practicality. It features a high quality sound resonance amplifier built into the microphone, with channel, private and scan buttons, in addition to the PTT. Audio can be routed through the microphone’s speaker by itself or in stereo with the base unit, controllable through the user menu.
The radio also includes an impressive array of functions including GME’s patented ScanSuite technology, which enables uninterrupted conversations on congested channels, and TurboScan, which scans all 80 channels in just two seconds. The impressive feature list also includes Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Signal Management and Dynamic Volume control