Engel didn’t get to be the go-to name in the vehicle-mounted fridge game for nothing.
The team at Engel have been building and selling 12V fridges for half a century, and you don’t do anything for that long without learning to build a damn good product and to keep customers happy.
Engel have been doing both things a long time, and one of the more recent additions to their product lineup, the limited edition Legacy Series 40L fridge, holds up both traditions perfectly.
The Legacy Series 40L fridge features new user-friendly controls and is powered by the famous Sawafuji swing motor that has kept all those Engel fridges doing the rounds of the Australian outback ticking along all these decades.
The sturdy unit comes ready to plug into your car’s 12V outlet as well as a mains 240V outlet. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each Legacy Series fridge go to the Legacy organisation, to help support the families of returned servicemen and women.
RRP $1375