Long story short, REDARC are an electronics company based in South Australia that specialise in creating user-friendly, innovative products that serve the offroad community.
Actually, REDARC revolutionised electronic trailer braking with their early electronic brake controllers and have continued to up the game with their latest offering, the Tow-Pro Elite.
The Tow-Pro Elite can be mounted in any orientation within a vehicle and features active calibration, meaning the controller will calibrate itself to the direction of travel.
Once installed, the unit will monitor the vehicle under all driving conditions, recording inertia under braking in order to establish direction of travel.
Active calibration occurs without user input. If your trailer is connected and the Tow-Pro Elite hasn’t finished active calibration, the braking provided to the trailer will be similar to when the unit’s user controlled mode is selected, and the amount of braking applied is set by the user on the unit’s gain control knob.
The Two-Pro Elite features an LED display that glows and pulses in certain colours and patterns to indicate the mode that’s been selected and the amount and type of braking being applied.
For more information and to check out REDARC’s full range of awesome offroad gear, head online and check out their website.