Aussie offroad powerhouse and 4WD aftermarket outfitter to the globe ARB recently announced the addition of three first aid kits to their expanding lineup of touring gear.
As anyone who’s spent a considerable amount of time travelling offroad in rugged or remote regions will tell you, accidents do happen! It’s really not a matter of if but when someone is going to hurt themselves, but if you’ve got a decent first aid kit on hand, a potential disaster can easily be downgraded to a minor inconvenience.
Be it a rusty nail to the foot, a stubbed toe, bad case of sunburn, ant, spider or snake bite – there’s plenty of harm that can be mitigated by having access to the right gear, especially when you’re a long way from professional medical help.
The range includes the Family First Aid Kit, which is durable and comprehensive, as well as the more compact Personal First Aid Kit and the specialised Snake and Spider Bite Kit. Head online to ARB’s website to view a full list of the contents of each kit, and to check out their full range of great touring gear.